Programs for anyone who is feeling more adventurous. Please choose from the following programs.

Food waste Challenge

Product Producing Challenge

Mystery Box Challenge

Noodle Making Challenge

Cheese de Cooking


Group size10 to 60 people (Depending on the venue)
Time(2 – 3h)
VenueTsukiji or cooking studio in Tokyo
Event outlineChoose the menu theme in advance, or each team can decide what they want to cook on the day.
You will be cooking 2 to 3 dishes.
Ideal for someone who wants to:
  • Use their imagination and add their own twist to the recipe.
  • Maximize creativity and idea.
  • Make something from scratch as a team through cooking.
  • Build improvisation and quick thinking skills.
Request*This program can be customized, such as pairing with alcohol or special dietary needs.