Programs start with picking up ingredients from the market and shops.
Your teams will work together with cooperation and creativity, using their time and money management skills.

Tsukiji outer market
Shopping & Cooking

Local super market
Shopping & Cooking


Group size10 to 30 people (Depending on the venue)
Time(3 – 4h) *For programs held in Tsukiji Outer Market, start in the morning
VenueTsukiji or our cooking studio in Tokyo
Event outlineChoose the menu theme in advance, or each team can decide what they want to cook on the day.
You will be cooking 2 to 3 dishes.
Ideal for someone who wants to:
  • Boost team morale while having fun together.
  • Improve creativity and skills like time management, through cooking.
  • Eat fresh seasonal food.
  • Invite colleagues from overseas or from outside of Tokyo to have a memorable food experience while they are in Tokyo.
Request*This program can be customized, such as pairing with alcohol or special dietary needs.