Why not get together with your colleagues around the world on a virtual team building cooking event?

Even though many of us are working remotely due to the impact of Covid-19,
we need to try to maintain our normal ways of working.

“Virtual Team Building Cooking Activities” give you a chance to stimulate communication and team bonding through cooking,
wherever you are working or however your work style changes.

  • Our “Virtual Team Building Cooking Activities” are programs designed to help you improve communication and build teamwork wherever you are based.
  • The finest fresh ingredients from Tsukiji will be delivered to each participant. No need to worry about getting the ingredients by yourself.
  • Teams can enjoy alcohol along with the food you prepare during the event. This can help create a relaxed atmosphere and team bonding as you enjoy your culinary achievements.
  • This program can be used as remote training, or an ice breaker activity for a meeting.
  • Improving “online communication skills and lateral thinking” under limited circumstances.

What is special about our cooking programs?

  • Mouthwatering ingredients
    You will have an amazing experience being able to cook using some of the finest and freshest ingredients from the famous Tsukiji market area.※For online participants, only the set food plan can be chosen. (home delivery)
  • Great networking
    Access to a network of food experts including Michelin-starred chefs and popular TV chefs, food influencers, culinary experts from all over Japan, intermediate wholesalers, speciality stores in Tsukiji,Sommeliers and Sake Sommeliers.
  • Plenty of experiences and achievements
    Our team-building cookery program is so unique in Tokyo that we have been featured on TV, in newspaper and overseas media. Our program has also been recommended by the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau. We are proud to be a pioneer in this segment.
  • English support / dietary restrictions
    English speaking staff are available, so people from all over the world can cook together.
  • A wide range of menus
    You can choose from our menus.⇒Menu
  • Can accommodate a large number of people.
    We can customize the event for a large number of people or have it made to order. Please feel free to contact us.

What can be achieved with our Team Building Cooking Activities?

  • Encourage creativity and flexibility.
  • Improving teamwork.
  • Developing leadership.
  • Developing time management and planning.
  • Understanding diversity.
  • Improving communication skills and lateral thinking

Benefits of Virtual Team Building Cooking Activities

  • Improve communication among your employees and boost their motivation that may have been impacted under remote working circumstances.
  • Help support employee health through health themed cooking, and dietary education.
  • Office events (welcoming and leaving party, year-end party or anniversary events) can be held with a virtual cooking activity.
  • We can also offer a cookery program taking in your company’s own brand products. Not only to educate your employees, but also to promote and showcase your company’s products to your clients.

Virtual Team Building Cooking Activities

Market to Table

Team-building cooking activity using the finest fresh ingredients (fish, meat, vegetables, katsuobushi, kombu) from Toyosu and Tsukiji.

Farm to Table

Cooking with ingredients from farmers who have a passion for food produce. We can also offer a chance to cook and eat with the producer. Why not maximize your special experience?

Healthy Cooking

Vegetarian, low-carb, gluten-free, or improving stomach health – anything related to cooking for your health.

Food waste Challenge

Do your bit for the environment. Each participant will cook using left over ingredients at home. Try to use them up without any waste.

Pasta Making

Making pasta from scratch.
Show your originality though the pasta shapes and the sauce you create.

Cheese de Cooking

Make cheese from milk, then challenge yourself to cook food or make sweets with your cheese.

Confectionary Making

Whether it’s Western style confectionary or Japanese Wagashi, pick your theme and the challenge starts. In this program, you can only use limited tools and conditions, so you’ll need to get creative.

Online Sake Tasting

Sake or wine tasting combined with making snacks that will go well with your drinks. Enjoy alcohol and food while learning about Sake or wine.

Online Party

Make your original cocktail and cook the perfect food to go with them, then it’s party time.
Non-alcoholic cocktails are also available for participants who do not drink alcohol.

We can also offer Tailor-made programs on request.
Please feel free to ask us!


Group size10 people~
Length2 hours
Number of dishes2 to 3 dishes
Our menus range from relatively easy to serious cooking.We can offer programs according to the number of participants,cooking environment, special dietary needs or other requests.Ingredients will be delivered to all the participants on the day before the lesson.
*Additional ingredients can be delivered as optional.For lessons which do not include the ingredients,a list of ingredients will be shown in advance.Each participant will be required to prepare the ingredients by themselves before the day of the event.We will use the zoom for lessons.
Ideal for someone who wants to
  • Improve communication among your employees and boost their motivation that may have been impacted under remote working circumstances.
  • An ice breaker activity for a meeting.
  • Those who want to provide care through online cooking such as employee health management.
Request*This program can be customized, such as pairing with alcohol or special dietary needs.

Overall Process


1.Meeting with the organizer

Discuss the purpose of your event, menu, date and time,the number of participants, address and so on.


2.Delivering of ingredients and seasoning

The ingredients will be delivered to each address by the day before the event.
*Recipe is included in the ingredients box.


3.On the day of the event – Everyone online (Zoom)



4.Break up into teams and start the lesson

e.g.It is also possible to have a dedicated instructor for each team in units of 10 people.


5.Everyone comes back together

when the lesson is finished
Presentation by each teams’ representative


6.Enjoy the meal

You could move on to a virtual drinking party.


1.Delivery of the ingredients & Lesson

  • A set of carefully selected ingredients from Toyosu and Tsukiji, or ingredients and seasoning directly sent from the producer(fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and others) will be delivered to each address in advance.(Delivery is only available in Japan.)
  • The ingredients are for 2 servings.
  • The virtual lesson will be instructed by a culinary expert.

(Price) Tax not included
10 to19 people 13,000yen/person

Negotiable depending on the number of people

2.Lesson only

  • We will only provide the recipe.The participants are required to prepare the ingredients and seasoning by themselves.
  • The virtual lesson will be instructed by a culinary expert.

(Price) Tax not included

In the case of one instructor


Negotiable for multiple instructors


  • Lessons will be carried out on ZOOM. Please prepare the appropriate environment (PC, internet connection) by yourself.
  • Please note that depending on your communication environment or computer performance, there may be disruption in the quality of the connection.


  • Online appearance of the Producer JPY 50,000 (ex. Tax) / 1 location per person
  • Delivery of additional ingredients JPY 2,000/person
  • Print a company original logo or name on the package or packing material. Basic charge JPY 50,000 (ex. Tax)
  • Creating an original opening video. From JPY 150,000 (ex. Tax)
  • Other programs can be customized, such as Japanese sake tasting and original menus. Please feel free to ask us.


  • Full payment is required in advance. After the payment is completed, your reservation will be made.

(Cancellation policy)

  • Please note that a cancellation fee will incur from the following dates.
    ■29 to 15 days before – 20% ■14 to 8 days before – 50% ■7 days before the day of the event – 100%