(Real Event) Team Building Cooking Food Event

Talking about food and drink brings everyone together to help them achieve their goals.
You will be able to find a suitable lesson from our wide range of team building programs.

Team Building Cooking Activities

  • Our “Team Building Cooking Activities” are not lecture based, but deliver a fun and hands-on experience to encourage teamwork, management, creativity, and problem solving skills.
  • You will be cooking using the finest fresh ingredients from Tsukiji and the surrounding area.
  • Teams can enjoy alcohol along with the food you prepare during the event.This can help create a relaxed atmosphere and team bonding as you enjoy your culinary achievements.
  • Beginners to cooking don’t need to worry, as our experienced instructors will be available to support them throughout the event.

What is special about our cooking programs?

  • You will have an amazing experience being able to cook using some of the finest and freshest ingredients from the famous Tsukiji market area.
  • Access to a network of food experts including Michelin-starred chefs and popular TV chefs, food influencers, culinary experts from all over Japan, intermediate wholesalers, speciality stores in Tsukiji, Sommeliers and Sake Sommeliers.
  • We can arrange a celebrity guest or an artist to add to the fun experience of the event.
  • Our team-building cookery program is so unique in Tokyo that we have been featured on TV, in newspaper and overseas media. Our program has also been recommended by the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau. We are proud to be a pioneer in this segment.
  • English speaking staff are available, so people from all over the world can cook together.
  • Vegetarians and participants with special dietary needs can join in the program with confidence.
  • We can customize our program for groups of 10 to 1000 participants.

What can be achieved with our Team Building Cooking Activities?

  • Encourage creativity and flexibility.
  • Improving teamwork.
  • Developing leadership.
  • Developing time management and planning.
  • Understanding diversity.
  • Improving communication skills and lateral thinking.

Benefits of Team Building Cooking Activities

  • Improve communication, motivation and teamwork among your employees.
  • Help support employee health through health themed cooking, and dietary education.
  • Office events (welcoming and leaving party, year-end party or anniversary events) can be held with a cooking activity.
  • We can also offer a cookery program taking in your company’s own brand products.Not only to educate your employees, but also to promote and showcase your company’s products to your clients.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our programs can be customized according to your needs, such as menus, programs, and locations, etc.